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Stop stressing about visitors falling through the cracks!

Every year, we continue to see a steady decrease in church attendance. Pastors and church leaders are frustrated and discouraged by this trend because decreasing attendance leads to declining engagement and ultimately ends in the closing of churches.

At ChurchCMO, we have created a strategy to help churches connect with more guests and members using a proven system to engage with their life stories. When people feel like the church cares about their story, they will be more open to becoming an active participant in worship and growth, a willing volunteer, and a cheerful giver.

We provide hands on help for our clients because we believe that the local church should be the catalyst for sharing hope and love in their community, by connecting with one person at a time.

How do we that you ask, scroll down just a tad…

Our strategy

Attract & Connect

In the church, our marketing strategy for reaching and engaging with new people can be broken down into two distinct action phases.

The first phase is Attract and it is comprised of all the methods we use to reach out to new people: traditional advertising, social media, word-of-mouth, digital advertising, and event planning. We employ connecting points to bridge the gap between the two phases.

The second phase is Connect, and this is everything that happens once we attract a visitor either in person or online. We work with churches to leverage both parts of the strategy to connect with more people.

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“We believe that the local church should be the catalyst for sharing hope and love in their community, by connecting with one person at a time.”

The Challenge for Churches

Many churches and organizations are struggling to connect with people in our digital media culture. Smartphones, social media, and artificial intelligence are shaping new ways to connect almost every day. The challenges facing the church in this brave, new world can be sorted into three main categories:


How do we break through the digital walls and static to invite people to connect?


What communication platforms do we use to attract and connect people to Jesus?


Once we connect, how do we know what content will resonate with their needs?

“When the local church connects with more people, together they can change the world!”

Our Process

Our first step is to get to know your church, understand it’s culture, and research the community.

Then we assess the current communication channels to build a strategy to attract and connect with more people!


We will help you get more mileage from your weekly content - the Sunday sermon.


We will teach you inbound marketing strategies that the corporate world has been using for years.

Social Media

We will show how to effectively use organic and paid posts to reach more people.


We will help you tell more engaging stories using quality videos.


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