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Introducing…Faith Engine!

I love creative apps and productivity tools that make me more productive and creative. I especially love apps and tools that are tailored for the unique needs and challenges of churches.
Churches need to engage on social media. I’ve written and spoken about this concept for a few years now.
In my own work in the area of social media, I’ve used plenty of robust platforms for curating and distributing content, engaging with people around that content, and measuring the effectiveness of that engagement. Sometimes these tools are so robust that for the average pastor or volunteer at a church just wading into social media as an outreach tool, it can be a little overwhelming. Many of these tools are a little intimidating or overwhelming for the average pastor or volunteer that simply needs help posting some creative and relevant content.
I think there’s an untapped market for apps and tools designed, not so much for the creative professional, but for the average-sized church pastor, staff member, or volunteer who doesn’t have a lot of hours in the week to devote to research, curation, content creation, and scheduling of updates.
Imagine a single platform that would allow you to log in for a half an hour on Monday morning and create all of your major pieces of content for the week and schedule them to be distributed across your church’s social media profiles at pre-selected times. Now…
Enter FaithEngine.
FaithEngine describes itself as a platform that will help you in three very important ways:

  1. Easy access to ready-made relevant, engaging, and inspiring content.
  2. Relief and peace of mind knowing that your efforts are getting traction.
  3. Seconds to log-in, minutes to select and post content from our library.

In other words, FaithEngine curates and serves up ready-made, gospel-oriented content for churches. This includes images, videos, verses and inspirational quotes, fun questions, and more.
You can add your own content as well, queue it up and schedule it when you need it to go out.
Then, FaithEngine allows you to connect your various social profiles (currently Facebook pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn) so that your scheduled content will be sent out across those platforms.

A Look Inside FaithEngine

The FaithEngine.com Home Page:


The Media Content Library:


The Scheduling and Posting Interface:

And there is more to see inside!

Advantages of FaithEngine

  • Great content is curated and ready to share.
  • The interface is super user-friendly.
  • Connecting accounts is very easy to do.
  • The calendar interface is very handy.
  • The scheduling capability saves a lot of time.

Disadvantages of FaithEngine

  • Limited social networks, for now (but it’s brand new and improving rapidly).
  • The content library loads just a little slow.

Overall, I would highly recommend FaithEngine recommend as a tool for church social media managers, secretaries, pastors and staff members, and volunteers hoping to extend their church’s impact and reach on social media.
Thankfully, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can sign up for a free trial yourself.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate seller of FaithEngine. While this does not affect your price at all, if you were to pay for an account, I would receive a small commission.

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